Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chicago Flooding, ServiceMaster DAK, IL

If you live in Chicago, you experienced the lovely weather a few weeks back. Torrential downpours, flash flooding and endless amounts of basements under water has cause the Chicagoland area to be put on hold. When rains are coming down hard, highways closed and cars underwater, it makes it very difficult to handle the flooding problem. When your basement sits under water for periods of hours and in some cases here, days, you can have an even larger loss on your hands. Keep in mind if it's just rain water you are dealing with, drying out and mold is your biggest concern. Yet if you experience sewage backup within the flood, expert sanitation is required. High levels of bacteria and black mold can cause serious health problems and extensive damage to drywall, flooring and furniture. The following are just a couple steps to take when you first notice you have water damage.

-The first moment you notice water damage and flooding, call ServiceMaster DAK. If you are out of state, make sure to find a local service provider here.

-When large amounts of properties have been effected by flooding, the calls are in abundance. Make sure to call us immediately to start the cleanup process.

-The minute you notice your home flooding, try and collect anything of importance and move it to higher ground. Furniture, clothing, perishable goods and anything else that can be quickly moved.

-Carpeting and drywall can be replaced, just remember items that can't be.

-Call your insurance company. If you have flood insurance, see what is covered and your next plan of action.

-Don't attempt to clean the flood on your own. This can cause further damage while being hazardous. You don't know what is sitting in that water.

-Remember, don't hesitate to call ServiceMaster DAK to clean and restore all flooding damage!