Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prepping your Home for the Spring Selling Season

The spring season is upon us which for some homeowners means that it is time to start preparing your home to put on the market for the spring selling season.  The spring is the most active time of year to sell a home because interest rates and home prices have not risen yet but certain factors such as the condition and asking price of your home may still affect whether or not you can sell it.

Homeowners should perform some home maintenance and cleaning to make their houses more appealing before putting them on the market.  The following tips will help you prepare your home for the spring selling season.

Curb Appeal: One particular aspect to pay attention to when selling your home is curb appeal.  It is important for the appearance of your home to make a good first impression on potential buyers because a home with a poor appearance could lose their interest before they even walk in.  The curb appeal of your home can be improved in a number of ways such as keeping the trees and bushes trimmed to show off more of the house, adding new plants and mulch to the yard, and washing the driveway, sidewalk, and house, especially the front door. 

Remove Clutter: One of the most important steps in preparing your home for sale is removing clutter from around the house.  Removing clutter will make your house look much cleaner and potential buyers will be able to see more of the house with the personal items out of the way.  By keeping your kitchens and bathrooms free of clutter, potential buyers are able to see the entire cabinet and counter space and keeping your closets free of extra clothes will make them appear bigger.  It also helps to put personal items such as photos away so that buyers can imagine themselves in your home.

Home Maintenance and Cleaning: Now is the time to make any repairs or upgrades that you know your home needs before putting it on the market.  Typically a home inspector will perform an inspection on a house that is on the market but by inspecting your home yourself first, you can catch the needed repairs and fix them before the inspector does.  Make sure to inspect every component and system of the house and if you discover any home maintenance or cleaning that needs to be done, you can hire a residential cleaning service to do the job.  It is also wise to check for mold growth and to hire a mold remediation service if mold is discovered.

Pricing/ Finding a Realtor: Deciding on an appropriate asking price and choosing the right realtor to help you sell your home are important final steps to make before finally putting your house on the market.  Choosing a price is of particular importance because a price that is too high or too low may cause potential buyers to turn away.  Keeping the price of your home competitive with similar homes is the most effective way to garner interest.  A realtor can help you research into prices of other homes on the market to help you make a better decision on what to price your home.  Realtors can also help you sell your home by making it more available to potential buyers through online listings.

If you plan to sell your home this spring, make sure to follow these tips to prepare your home for the spring selling season.  Improving the appearance of your home inside and out will make it much more appealing and if your home is in need of maintenance or cleaning services, hire a professional cleaning service to complete the work before putting it on the market.  With the right preparation, you can sell your house and get settled into your new home by the summer.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ServiceMaster DAK Business Cleaning Services, Illinois

Having a clean and organized office is very important to many companies. Your office represents your comapny and what you stand for. By having a clean office building you will represent yourself as a professional establishment. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we understand the importance of commercial office cleaning and are here to professionally clean it for you.

Business Cleaning Services, Chicago Illinois

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning service, ServiceMaster DAK are the experts. We have a team of highly trained technicians who know the lengths it takes to thoroughly clean your business. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we understand the importance of a clean business and the statement it makes about you and your employees.

We specialize in deep cleaning your commercial office building. Our services include:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Equipment Cleaning

We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure your company is cleaned thoroughly. This will also ensure to extend the life of your equipment and office carpeting. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we are America's most trusted cleaning and restoration company. Our friendly licensed professionals are here to deliver expert service and guaranteed satisfaction.

If you are a business owner, call us to schedule regular office cleaning appointments to keep your company looking like new. We specialize in commercial cleanings in Northbrook, Wilmette, Glenview, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Buffalo Grove and surrounding suburbs.  Call us today at (847) 983-7400.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deadly Summer Weather

Everyone has seen extreme weather this year, but most people don’t understand the severity of Mother Nature.  Unknowingly to most, this summer has been one of the deadliest in the entire nation. Between wild fires and flooding, natural disasters and weather have wrecked havoc in every state. This year, heat, flooding and lightening have been the three main causes of deaths within our country. 

  • Heat being the number one culprit of deaths this year, the Midwest and East have experienced extreme temperatures mixed with high humidity. This combo can cause heat exhaustion, illness and death if unaccustomed to. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported over 600 deaths last year alone from heat.  When increasing temperatures rise to extremes many people do not know how to prepare for it.  This can cause dehydration and illness that can be mistaken for fatigue.  Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to heat stroke, illness and death. 

First thing to remember is to NEVER leave a child or pet in the car when running errands. Temperatures can rise rapidly even after a couple minutes. Keep in mind to check up on the elderly if they live alone.  Heat stroke and dehydration are common.

  •  Flooding has been another issue in the Midwest and East Coast. Heavy rainfall in short periods of time bring flash flooding in areas that normally wouldn’t flood. Each year on average about 100 people die from flooding. Always have a flood and evacuation plan in case of an emergency.  Always follow local authority warnings and evacuate if told.

  • Lightening is also another issue that has taken many lives this summer. Warm, summer months are popular times for thunderstorms and lightening. On average, lightening kills around 30-40 people a year. Keep in mind you are at risk of being hit even if it is not raining. If you hear thunder, lightening is still a threat.  To prevent a disaster from happening, take shelter within your home or covered area until the storm has passed.

Here at ServiceMaster DAK we want to ensure our customers are safe. Taking precautions and preparing yourself before a disaster will keep you and your family safe this summer.

If you are in need of a restoration company, call us, ServiceMaster DAK at (847) 983-7400

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ServiceMaster DAK Wants You To Stay Safe In The Heat!

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you will understand the heat wave we have been experiencing. Mid 90’s with high humidity can often times be dangerous if exposed to too long. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we specialize in restoration and cleaning but also want to ensure our cusomers stay safe during the heart.  By following the below tips, you can be sure to stay safe during extreme heat!

-       Always hydrate! Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day ensures you stay hydrated. If you work outside you may need to double that depending on how much energy you exert.
-       When working outside, be sure to take frequent breaks to not over exert yourself.
-       Dress in light breathable clothing. Cotton and linen are lighter fabrics. Try to find light colored fabrics as well.
-       Eat fruits and vegetables. High sodium foods dehydrate you throughout the day. Large meals require more energy and actually increase your body temperature. Stick with salads and frequent small meals to provide beneficial energy.
-       Stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. These dehydrate you extensively.
-       Stay in cool dry areas. Many people enjoy being outside in the summer, yet during extreme heat you need to give yourself a break and cool down.
-       Wear sunscreen! Not only will it prevent a sunburn, it will help you alleviate sun poisoning and sickness.
-       Young children and the elderly need to take extra precautions during heat waves. Make sure to check up on the elderly if they live alone and have your children take frequent cooling breaks.

Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we want to make sure you stay safe during extreme weather. Make sure to pass on these tips to your family this summer!

If you need restoration in water damage, fire damage, carpet cleaning or mold remediation, call us today at…

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Illinois Flooding - Water Damage Cleanup

Today's torrential downpours soaked everyone here in Illinois, Wisconsin and northern Indiana. Up to 6 inches hit the Chicagoland area and flash flooding became an issue within an hour of rainfall.  The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning to counties of Lake, Cook, DuPage, Mchenry, and Kane. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we understand the severity of water and flood damage and will respond to emergencies in any commercial or residential properties.

Water Damage and Flood Damage

In flooding, water typically spreads and flows through the path of least resistance, running through floors, between walls and ceilings, gravitating down to lowest levels. Porous materials such as wood, drywall, insulation, carpet and other building materials will soak up the water which will then soak upwards. The resulting effects can include discoloration, swelling, broken adhesive bonds, delamination, and with the lack of water restoration services, mold. the more time that elapses without proper water damage cleanup, the more sever the damage. Damage from water and bacteria growth can begin within hours.

Our disaster restoration department provides the full scope of services when it comes to handling any water emergency. We provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency service, with a staff of over 25 technicians and office personnel ready to assist you.
You can be confident that our ServiceMaster DAK water damage remediation professionals will do the job right and restore your property to its original condition.  We can also help walk you through insurance claims during the water damage restoration.

Call ServiceMaster DAK at (847) 983-7400 for all your water damage restoration and flood cleanup needs in the Chicagoland area.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ServiceMaster DAK, Northwest Suburb Specials!

Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we appreciate and value our customers on a daily basis.  This is why we believe it is important to have you return anytime you are in need of a cleaning or restoration by providing specials to you and your family.

In the month of June, we are providing 2 specials.  

Residential Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning 

        Clean Carpet in up to 4 areas $152

        Furniture Cleaning
                            Sofa               $ 90
                            Loveseat        $ 72
                            Chair             $ 42

($125 minimum call)

Hard Surface Cleanings

         Ceramic Tile Floors
         Wood Floors - Clean and Polish 
          Vinyl and Linoleum - Strip, Clean and Finish 

($165 minimum order)

These specials are offered until the end of June, so don't hesitate to call us, ServiceMaster DAK to receive expert Carpet Cleaning and Hard Surface Cleanings. Call us today at (847) 564-0204.

To use your printed coupon simply present it with your payment. Limit one coupon per customer per calendar quarter. Offer available at this location only.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chicago Flooding, ServiceMaster DAK, IL

If you live in Chicago, you experienced the lovely weather a few weeks back. Torrential downpours, flash flooding and endless amounts of basements under water has cause the Chicagoland area to be put on hold. When rains are coming down hard, highways closed and cars underwater, it makes it very difficult to handle the flooding problem. When your basement sits under water for periods of hours and in some cases here, days, you can have an even larger loss on your hands. Keep in mind if it's just rain water you are dealing with, drying out and mold is your biggest concern. Yet if you experience sewage backup within the flood, expert sanitation is required. High levels of bacteria and black mold can cause serious health problems and extensive damage to drywall, flooring and furniture. The following are just a couple steps to take when you first notice you have water damage.

-The first moment you notice water damage and flooding, call ServiceMaster DAK. If you are out of state, make sure to find a local service provider here.

-When large amounts of properties have been effected by flooding, the calls are in abundance. Make sure to call us immediately to start the cleanup process.

-The minute you notice your home flooding, try and collect anything of importance and move it to higher ground. Furniture, clothing, perishable goods and anything else that can be quickly moved.

-Carpeting and drywall can be replaced, just remember items that can't be.

-Call your insurance company. If you have flood insurance, see what is covered and your next plan of action.

-Don't attempt to clean the flood on your own. This can cause further damage while being hazardous. You don't know what is sitting in that water.

-Remember, don't hesitate to call ServiceMaster DAK to clean and restore all flooding damage!