Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fire Safety and Prevention Tips or What to Do in Case of Fire

Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we are leading experts in water, mold, fire restoration and cleaning.  Disaster cleanup can be a lot of work for any homeowner.  This is why here at ServiceMaster DAK we want to make sure you know what to do in times of small fires.  Small kitchen fires happen every day, whether it is from grease or the stove, you should know the proper precautions in case a fire happens in your home.

What to Do in Case of Fire

- First thing to remember is to always have a small kitchen fire extinguisher.  Fighting fire with water can often times be more dangerous when dealing with grease fires. Always use a fire extinguisher once any kind of fire is noticed.
- Always turn off the gas or electric right away.  This will help keep the fire from spreading as well as help control any liquids or food from burning further.
-Don't panic, acting hastily can cause larger problems, know what to do before so you stay calm in cases of emergencies.

 Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

- Keep all flammable materials away from the stove.  Cleaning solutions and paper towels are just a couple examples of things that can combust quickly.  The less around the stove the better.
-Wear proper clothing and tie hair back if it is longer.  You are moving around a lot while you cook and can become distracted, the last thing you want to go up in flames is yourself.
- Ensure your entire family knows what to do in case of a fire, set an emergency and evacuation plan and go over often with smaller children.

These are just some simple steps you can take to ensure you and your family stay safe.  Here at ServiceMaster DAK we want to make sure you know these safety precautions year round.