Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring

Here in Chicago, we've been pretty spoiled this winter with the lack of snow and above average temperatures.  Even with these mild conditions we all are anxiously awaiting Spring. The weather is not the only thing that will be changing in the next couple of months, we need to be sure we make a couple changes around the house to be prepared. Preparing for Spring should be a simple task to ensure the transition runs smoothly.

Carpets – Spring Cleaning Tips

Dust and dirt loves to hide in your carpets.  Vacuuming on a weekly basis should help your spring cleaning stress.  Vacuuming allows the carpet to stay cleaner and healthier for you and your family.  If your high traffic areas are not cleanable by vacuum, you may need a ServiceMaster carpet cleaning provider to steam clean your carpets quickly.  This will help maintain the appearance and longevity of the carpet.

Windows – Spring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the windows is important as well.  Depending on the climate you live in, windows can become very dirty not only inside but on the outside as well.  A window spray should generally do the trick when dealing with this problem.  Most windows are capable of swinging open for cleaning.  Make sure to spray the window thoroughly with the cleaning spray and begin wiping with a newspaper.  This will help with the streaking problems.  

Dusting – Spring Cleaning Tips

Like stated before with blinds, dusting should be done often enough to ensure allergens are minimized.  Dusting should be happening all year round, not just for spring cleaning. This will minimize dirt traveling around your home as well as through your breathing air.

Air Ducts – Spring Cleaning Tips

Frequently changing your air filters can reduce the dust and dirt that travels through your home.  You should be making sure to check the level of dirt that is accumulating on the surface of the filter so you know how often you should be changing it.