Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mold Prevention in Chicago, IL

Chicago is known for extreme weather conditions. Heat, rain, freezing temperatures and humidity can wreck havoc on your home and property. Extreme weather conditions can cause cracks and movement in your foundation that can lead to bigger problems such as flooding and mold.  These cracks will store moisture in areas where ventilation is limited. This is where mold comes into play, it thrives is dark, damp areas and can grow in rapid pace. The easiest way to not have a mold problem is to prevent it all together. Below are a couple of tips on mold prevention in your home:

Mold Prevention 

-First thing you need to check out is your foundation for those cracks. If you have a well built foundation, you'll save thousands of dollars in the future.
 - Basements are notorious for water and moisture. Make sure your basement is well ventilated and sealed. Keep an eye out around window seals in case of leaks and caulk if you see any cracks or openings.
-Make sure the land around your home slants downward, you don't want rainfall to sit next to the foundation.
-Mold loves bathrooms, make sure you always leave the doors open when showering to prevent condensation.
-Keep your gutters cleaned to prevent excess water from sitting on your roof.
- Keep your home well ventilated during weather changes. Dehumidifiers work great in hot weather.

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