Thursday, March 7, 2013

Traveling Safely Throughout Winter

The past couple of weeks have brought on some extra snow for us. This causes longer commutes and travel times as well as extra hassles like school closures.  Don't let the winter weather cause extra stress each year, the Driving Difficulty Index (DDI) should lighten the load just a little. 

Many of us use our smartphones, GPS, news channels or radio stations to track traffic and weather patterns. has come up with the DDI to help travelers plan safer routes by providing weather radars with travel times.  You can also set features to show:

Wind Speeds
24 Hour Temps
24 Hour Snowfall
Snow Cover
Severe Alerts
Winter Alerts
Tropical Alerts
Flood Marine Alerts

You can turn on and off layers depending on the location you are traveling in.  For example, you can track snow fall along with travel times, or heat index with tropical alerts. The index is great for traveling longer distances if you are unsure of routes or climates in the areas you are going to. Make sure you are always prepared when traveling, here at ServiceMaster DAK we want to make sure you are always prepared and safe ahead of time.