Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outside Mold Prevention, Chicago IL

You might think of mold being a problem inside your home, this is not always true. Outside mold can cause serious problems to your home and property. Here at ServiceMaster DAK, we want to make sure you're prepared for mold with these mold prevention tips.

-Make sure compost piles are for away from the home. Fumes from decomposing food seep into the ground causing moisture, moisture that can enter your foundation and cause mold.

- Sunlight is a great way to dry out areas outside. Trim trees and bushes around your home to keep water away.

- This goes hand in hand with keeping shaded areas well ventilated. Clean up fallen branches and grass to let the ground dry out.

-Check your foundation for leaks and cracks. Runoff water can seep into anything, especially your foundation and basement.

- When going on vacation, make sure all hoses and running water is turned off. A burst pipe or flooding can really put a damper on that vacation.

-If you do experience foundation mold, your general bleach solution or department store solutions will do the trick if the mold is in small quantities.

If you do experience large amounts of mold inside or out, don't try to clean on your own. Call us here at ServiceMaster DAK to properly and expertly clean and sanitize that mold. We will ensure it is thoroughly gone and that it doesn't come back.

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